Library Dollars, rethinking the loan policy and fines

Our community should not have to face oppression! Oppression is a strong word, but there is nothing positive about the fines requested for late documents; rather they represent only an “anti-marketing” revenue opportunity.
I am presenting, therefore, a proposal for an overhaul of this archaic system which evokes only negative memories of my experiences as a library user.

As a member of the “library community” and an adult, I would like to see a library offer me an annual credit of “Library Dollars” that I could exchange for products and services at the end of the year. Perhaps I could acquire a book that the library weeded from its collections and that I could add to my personal library, or I could obtain a card allowing for a certain number of free photocopies?

I would understand if this credit were diminished in the event that I returned a document after the due date, but perhaps I could acquire new credit taking into account my contribution to weekly selection in the form of a literary chronicle published by the library?

This would allow me a feeling of belonging owing to my formidable « Library Dollars » credit, and would reflect my contribution to the community!
My behaviour as a member of this community would be rewarded rather than my deviant behaviour being punished with a fine that only discourages patrons from returning to borrow new books and benefiting from the rich resources offered by the library.

Could it be possible, in applying this approach, that libraries join the digital businesses movement, and could it also be possible that they establish new loan policies on this basis?

I’ll post in english times to times (If I can get help for translation 🙂

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